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You want a website, you think “how hard can it be?”…”I’ll make my own. The commercials say I can”, but consider this…

“What do you know about websites?” The answer generally is “not much, but you know what websites are”. We all know what cars are too, but can we build one?

Today you are probably looking at our website because you’ve tried, and given up. Or you are realistic and don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you’ve had your website “professionally” made and still no results.

Web Honey are happy to remove the hassle and get proactive about your website design and it’s functions.

Knowing the right questions to ask helps us make your vision a reality. Catering to small to medium business, organisations, schools or clubs, we are here to help you happily and successfully move forward.

Website design is what we do. What sort of website do you need?

The Web Honey Team are versatile and love a challenge.

Necessity has led us to conquering many different aspects of web design, each very different but worth it for us and our customers.

Web design, like most things, changes at the drop of a hat. We are on top ofit all.

Many people come to us wanting a wordpress website, because a friend told them they heard it was easy. Normally they end up with a new website that we have designed. Just because someone says it’s easy doesn’t make it easy.

Shopify (ecommerce platform) is great for someone who is a little bit technical but a bit trickier to find someone to modify a theme, fortunately we have you covered there too. We also design websites which are html CSS and javascript for those of you that don’t need many updates. contact us about your website and let’s see how we can help.

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